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Caitlin is Steven's daughter and has been helping around the office for many years. She recently got her health insurance license three years ago so that she could work part time while her husband finished his sheriff training. Caitlin also has a teaching license and teaches AM Kindergarten at Maize South Elementary. You can find Caitlin at the office during school breaks and by appointment in the afternoon. Caitlin also has two daughters; Caylee who is four and AddyJo who is two. Between her daughters, her husband's hectic law enforcement schedule, and her careers, Caitlin is very busy and happy doing what she loves.

Caitlin does appointments and some of the office work. She also helps translate with some of our clients as she is bilingual. Caitlin handles the majority of our individual health insurance clients, especially during open enrollment. She brings a lot of organization and patience to the office and her schedule rotates with Danica's in order to make sure that there are always enough people in the office to take care of the day to day business.